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Photo-exhibition “Turkestan. 1911.”

Date: from 24-JUL-17 to 20-SEP-17
Exhibition of the famous Russian photographer S.Prokudin-Gorskiy

Venue: Bonum Factum Gallery
Where: 20, Sadyk Azimov st, 3rd-cul-de-sac
Phones: +99 871 232 03 60
Exhibition working hours: 9:00 – 18:00, Sat - Sun – closed
Free entrance

About the exhibition:

From July 24 to September 20, the Bonum Factum Gallery will hold a photo-exhibition of the famous Russian photographer S.Prokudin-Gorskiy “Turkestan. 1911.”

Prokudin-Gorskiy visited Turkestan three times. The first time (period of December 1906 - February 1907), he traveled there as a member of expedition of the Russian geographic society in order to shoot the solar eclipse in the mountains of Turkestan. Weather conditions were not good and he could not make the shots he wanted, however this failure was fully compensated with the work results of the next month – the whole January he photographed Samarkand and its surroundings. Turkestan series of 1907 takes one of the most important place in artist’s collection. Prokudin-Gorskiy gave special attention to the Turkestan monuments highlighting historical significance of documental fixation of color during the presentation of color projections to the members of Duma and State Council at the official evening on May 30, 1908.

The other two trips to Turkestan, Prokudin-Gorskiy had in spring and autumn of 1911, dedicating the first one for shooting Bukhara.

Stopping by in Tashkent, he announced in the Tashkent theatre “Khiva” about his invention of color photography. The beginning of the first part was dedicated to the detailed explanation of the ways of photography in natural colors, and then professor Prokudin-Gorskiy demonstrated the views.

The pearl of his photo-collection is the portrait of Bukhara Emir Said Alimkhan. It is one of the brightest and most interesting portraits done by the master. No exhibition of the artist goes without attention to this particular piece of work.

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