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Tours to Tashkent – “Stone” City of the XXI Century

Welcome to the capital of modern Uzbekistan - an ancient and at the same time young Tashkent. A city with a 2,750-year-old history is not like the old cities of Europe or Asia. The cultural and historical Tashkent tours, offered by Uzbek travel agencies, will help you to explore it.

Tashkent tours are an opportunity to see the megalopolis, changed out of all recognition since independence, and which intertwines time, people, mentalities and cultural practices. The city‘s center was rebuilt up anew with modern buildings and decorated with beautiful squares and green parks. Every day the city has new shopping malls, stadiums, entertainment centers built, old hotels – modernized, and new ones – open their doors.

The deep roots of the city can be traced in the old part of Tashkent by visiting the Khast-Imam, Juma Mosque and largest city bazaar “Chorsu”. The central part of Tashkent offers many opportunities for cultural entertainment and recreation, as well as for restaurant and club life. Perfect weather almost all year round, plenty of fruits and vegetables, famous Uzbek food, friendly and hospitable Tashkent people, cheap shopping and multifaceted Eastern culture attracts more and more foreign tourists to Tashkent.

Tashkent is a starting point of tours to Uzbek famous cities. From there you can start your journey to Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva - the most famous cities on the Central Asian section of the legendary Great Silk Road.

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